UPDATE - all of these resources and more have been moved to www.digitaldiscipleship.com.au this wiki is no longer being updated.

Welcome to Digital Discipleship

What is Digital Discipleship?

This digital discipleship course was originally put together by Dave Youl, of Covenant Christian School, in Sydney, Australia. The purpose was to have our year 10 students think more critically about how they use digital technology, and whether they were bringing glory to God as they did. Students were to complete this course before they would be issued with a notebook computer, under our school notebook program.

My vision for this wiki is:

  • To be able to easily share the resources, discussion questions etc that I have collated and developed with other Christian Educators around the world.
  • For others to improve on my work, and then share here for the benefit of all
  • To see the program expand to have resources and tools that are useful and relevant for students of all ages

Can I use these resources?

Absolutely yes! I'm a great believer in sharing so please, use them, and then share them with others. Many of the resources are publicly available anyway, so I have no right to restrict use. If you do use those resources, please keep the links to the original source so the rights of the original author can be recognised.

How can I be involved?

If you would like to be involved and share some resources, then please email me at dyoul@covenant.nsw.edu.au - tell me a little about yourself and I'll gladly add you as a contributor to this wiki so you can share your thoughts with others and add to my work.

CEN NSW Conference Workshops

Many thanks to those of you who attended the recent workshops at the CEN NSW State Conference. You'll remember we had a time of collaboration where we worked on some resources. The documents we created are linked below - in the near future I'll consolidate that work into a cohesive K-12 scope and sequence for digital discipleship.

Workshop 1
Workshop 2

The 5 Modules

I've broken down the course into 5 modules. They are:

  1. Salty Networking
  2. My Spiritual Footprint
  3. Truth
  4. Security
  5. In case of emergency - Break Glass

There are also Quiz Questions for the students to answer

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